H O M E Sieve Shakerl, Ro-Tap

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Ro-tap sieve shaker is the most generally used apparatus for standardization of sieve analysis.
With horizontal eccentric motion and vertical tapping impulse, uniform and accurate sieving is operated. The driving mechanism is protected and assured long life with immersing in oil. For speace saving, motor is installed with driving mechanism in lowea box.

■ Specification

Model A D-A B D-B C
Rotation speed :290 r.p.m
Amplitude     : 28 mm.
Tapping numbers:156 t.p.m
Sieve Dia 150 (6``) or 200 (8``) mm
Sieve Numbers (max) 45mm H ×8 45mm H ×11 45mm H ×13
60mm H ×6 60mm H × 8 60mm H ×10
Motor 200W 300W
(W×D×H mm)
630×320×880 630×320×945 630×320×950 670×390×1,100 670×390×1,105
Weight approx
120kg 140kg 140kg 170kg 200kg

* D type model (D-A & D-B) is practicable easy handling for sieve exchange and/or sieve number adjustment with rachet handle.
* When ordering please specify the voltage and frequency.
* Sieve are not accessoried.


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