H O M E Hi-Speed Sample Mill

The unique highly efficient CMT Vibrating Sample Mill has outdated many other conventional grinding and milling machines. It is ideal for preparing samples in chemical studies especially X-ray and atomic absorption analysis. It is particularly suitable for grinding a small amount of sample.
The CMT Sample Mill grinds very rapidly into micro-fine particles by utilizing a patented sample container a grinding rod and vibratory motion(the acceleration reaches the magnitude nearly ten times the gravitational acceleration).
It grinds not only hard materials such as coal, ores, marbles and quartz, but also soft materials such as dried grains, plants and small animals.


1. High speed grinding
Only 30 sec to 5min is required to grind most kinds of sample using a specislly designed grinding rod and a powerful vibratory moyion.
2. Easy fixing and removal of the sample container
Inserting and removing sample materials is made easy by the simple construction of sample container.

3. Two defferent kinds of sample material can be ground at the same time
The mill is supplied with two sample containers so that two different kinds of sample can be ground simultaneously.

4. Noise during operation is minimized
With the specially designed noise-proof case vibratory noise coming from the mill is minimized.

5. Space-saving compact model
Model TI-100 takes as little speace as 602mm deep×580mm wide×400mm high

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■ Specification

Model TI-100
for use with 2 containers of working capacity 3 or 10ml

for use with 2 containers of working capacity 50ml

for use with 2 containers of working capacity 100,150,200 or 250ml

Vibration rotation 1,440r.p.m/50Hz, 1,730r.p.m/60Hz 1,430r,p,m/50Hz 1,720r,p,m/60Hz 1,410r,p,m/50Hz 1,700r,p,m/60Hz
Amplitude 7mm 8mm 14mm
Timer 0-60min(digital type) 0-60min(degital tyape) 0-60min(degital type)
Moter   300W 1phase 400W 1phase 750W 3 phase
Dimensions 580(Wide)×620(Deep)×400(High) mm 670(Wide)×770(Deep)×480(High) mm 910(Wide)×945(Deep)×590(High) mm
Weight 70kg  120kg 300kg
Sample Containers
Working Capacity
Type of Container Rod Shape Balls Working Capacity
Type of Container Rod Shape Balls Working Capacity
Type of Container Rod Shape Balls
Hardened Steel
10ml×2 H 1 ○ ○ ○ 50ml×2 H 3 ○ ○ ○ F 3 ○ ○ ○
F 1 ○ ○ ○ F 3 ○ ○ ○
Stainless steel
H 1 ○ ○ ○ H 3 ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
F 1 ○ ○ ○ F 3 ○ ○ ○
Hardned stainless steel
H 1 ○ ○ ○ H 3 ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
F 1 ○ ○ ○ F 3 ○ ○ ○ 100ml×2
Tungsten carbide
H 2 ○   ○ H 4 ○   ○ 150ml×2 F 4
F 2 ○   ○ F 4 ○   ○ 200ml×2
Alumina ceramics
H 2     ○ H 4     ○ 250ml×2
F 2     ○ F 4     ○
F 2     ○ F 4     ○
Silicon carbide
F 2     ○ F 4     ○
Silcon nitride
F 2     ○ F 4     ○
Polyamade resin
F 2 F 4

Please select :sample containers with rod (A. B. or C ) or balls for each model
When ordering please specify mains voltage and frequency  

■ Type of Container
                                                      (①Rubber ring ②Lock ③Packing)
H type:for dry use


F type:for wet & dry use


■ Rod Shape


A rod (gear shaped)
B rod (fully cut gear shaped)    C rod (cylindrical shape)    Balls
Standard type Suitable for grinding fibrous sample Standerd type

■ Grinding Test

Sample Size Model Sample Container Grinding
Rod shape
Time Ground Size
Glass peads 1~3.5㎜ TI-100 WC 10ml 3min -200Mesh
C    97%
Iron Pyrite TI-100 SUS 10ml 2min -200Mesh
A    95%
quartz 1~5.5㎜ TI-200 SUS 50ml 3min -200Mesh
A    97%
Sintered alumina TI-200 AL 50ml 5min -325Mesh
C    100%
Grass TI-200 SUS 50ml 5min -200Mesh
A    100%
plant stem 3.5~7㎜ TI-300 SUS 250ml 5min -200Mesh
B    100%
Paper pulp TI-300 SUS 250ml 5min -100Mesh
A    100%


all the contents of this catalog are subject to change without notice
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